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How can I increase my chance of being hired? What are the top tips to empower my job search?


“You’re hired!” That’s what we want to hear from a company that we really aim to work for. But nowadays when the job market has become increasingly competitive and always changing, being updated in how we can stand out is our advantage. 

Changes in the hiring process

1. In the past, it was enough to make a resume and a cover letter, and hand them in personally to a potential employer. Nowadays, communication technology and online tests and hiring systems are being used to streamline the process and to find the best candidates from all over the world. 

2. Upskilled workers have more edge. Both knowledge of technology and soft skills like teamwork and communication have come to the forefront as essential skills of a modern employee. In addition, it seems that company culture and values and how an employee fit them has become important.

Do’s and Don’ts that increase your chance of being hired

1. Always be true to your goal. What are your current skills, strengths and values? What industry and level of responsibility do you want? Knowing them will help you figure out the role that you will apply for. You will know if the job suits you.

This prevents you from just applying for every job you see. You are able to focus your efforts on roles that you really want. Applying to too many positions in various industries also takes a toll on your energy, so be selective. 

2. Apply based on your value, skills, and achievements. It is time to update your resume. Put emphasis on your skills, work experiences, and career achievements. Were you able to learn and adapt to new technology, and improve essential skills like problem-solving and team work? Were you able to complete training and increase your qualification? Highlight them in your CV. 

However, when sending your CV or resume, do not send a generic resume. Give your best effort in making your CV/resume specific to the role you are applying for. Take time to research the company and their culture, so that you can express through your resume how you fit in. 

3. Digital skills upgrade. With the rise of remote work, virtual work settings and the use of more technology in the workplace, those who are able to enhance their skill set to include tech skills like data analysis, coding, digital marketing and project management find themselves more in demand. You can update your skills by enrolling to free or paid courses online. 

Also, being updated on the trends in your industry is crucial. Read industry-specific content through newsletters, blogs, podcasts. Engage in community discussions online, so that you can gather ideas and learn from people who are skilled in your industry.

4. Use the services of a job board or a recruiting firm. Nowadays, job boards and recruitment firms have catered to niche job markets. These groups have access to thousands of job opportunities that are tailored to your qualifications. Search for and register yourself here, so that you can be strategic in your job search. 

5. Grow your professional network. In this competitive job climate, it is crucial that you build your professional network by connecting with people in the industry you want to work in. There are online and in-person events that give you the chance to build professional relationships, and even get first-hand information on job availability and insights. 

Just be ready with your short and persuasive speech to introduce yourself and your vision as a job seeker, and why you are a good candidate for the roles you want to get. Prepare your business card too. 

6. Be your own brand online and offline. In an increasingly online community, hiring teams often use online tools to verify what they see on your resume. Update your online profile in job search sites as almost all recruiters check both your professional and personal pages to get to know you as more. 

These are just some of the ways you can boost your chances of getting an interview, make a good impression and be hired based on your skills and values. Take time to implement them and increase your confidence in your job hunting. Good luck! 

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How can I increase my chance of being hired? What are the top tips to empower my job search?
Brandon Resasco