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I want to lead the most difficult person to lead: myself! How can I learn to lead myself well?


Leadership in an organization fosters team growth and inspires high team morale. It is crucial in producing long-term benefits for the company.  In the 21st century, people who have the qualities, abilities and practices of a leader are greatly in-demand.

A recent survey showed that 83% of companies around the world consider developing leaders at different levels in the organization as important. However, only less than 5% of them are currently carrying out systems to develop leaders. Another survey showed that there is a crisis of leadership gap. Companies are in need of more leaders to enter the organization.

This leads us to the question, “Where can I start if I want to be a leader?” 

Leading others and leading yourself

Leadership is often talked about as a collection of traits, competencies and practices that allow a person to cause change to happen by creating and communicating their vision to people under their influence and influencing them to follow the direction of the vision. 

How do these leaders become great ones? They have learned how to lead themselves well. Before they look outward, they have to grow their own leadership potential. They have embarked on self-leadership

People listen to leaders, but they also watch how they live. This makes self-leadership crucial. Leaders develop intentionality in their life, ingrain discipline, live with integrity and follow a clear purpose. 

How do you develop self-leadership? 

1. Start with your leadership identity. 

Numerous studies support the idea that how we perceive ourselves affect our behaviors, perception, emotions and motivation. (Have you embraced the mindset that you are a leader? No matter how undeveloped your leadership abilities still are, you must root yourself with the identity of a leader. You still have many things to improve, but your decision to become the best leader you can me matters. Start with this strong mindset, and your feelings will follow. 

How does a leader-in-the-making act? You will notice that your posture changes, your confidence increases, and you interact more with others because you see yourself as a leader.

Leadership comes with responsibilities, but this does not make you shirk. You own the responsibility instead. It also makes you think about the future and how you can make it better. Lastly, a leadership mindset makes you care more about people.

2. Engage in self-discovery. 

Part of leadership is being able to see the potential in people and calling them out so that they can shine. But first, leaders need to do this to themselves. You need to discover your own potential and make yourself conscious of them. Here are questions to ask yourself: 

  1. What values do you hold close to your heart? (focus on 3-5 values) 
  2. Why are they important and how would you like to express them in your life? 
  3. What activities that you do  fill you with energy, motivation, empowerment or life? 
  4. How can you use these activities to improve your life and improve other people’s lives? 
  5. You are all developing as leaders. What specific abilities, traits, or habits do you still need to develop as a leader? 

These questions will lead you to discovering your strengths, flaws and life vision. Learn to accept them and live with them.  A leader who feels comfortable in their own skin can be more accepting and understanding of others they lead.

3. Live with discipline. 

Now that you know who you are and what you want to do, adding the element of discipline to your life allows you to focus on the things important to you. Create personal systems and methods that will help you work to the best of your ability, balance work and rest, and live a life that makes it easy for you to get closer to your goals and help the people under your influence. Systems and habits also help you to bounce back and recover from failures. 

Becoming your best version of leadership will take time as you strengthen your leadership identity, discover who you are a leader and develop discipline. What is important is your small steps and small progress towards it. Review these principles from time to time to remind you of the worthwhile goal- a leader who continues to grow and who brings positive change! 

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I want to lead the most difficult person to lead: myself! How can I learn to lead myself well?
Brandon Resasco