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The power of influence. How can I enhance my capacity to influence and empower others?


What is a social skill that offers both personal and interpersonal benefits? There are so many possible answers, but let me propose that developing your ability to influence and empower others may be one of the most impactful. 

Just like any other social skill, our power to influence others can be learned. 

But first, let us ask why influence matters. 

In the workplace scenario, influence may be the most powerful factor that makes or breaks leadership effectiveness, says author and business consultant Kenneth Blanchard. 

At work, having the authority to direct people on what to do may not be enough. Having the ability to influence and empower employees towards goal achievement, leaders can shepherd their team to beneficial outcomes. 

In our personal lives, we see the kind of influence that people and circumstances have. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly being changed, molded and affected by either desirable and undesirable influences. Their effects vary, too! 

A line from a famous proverb says, ““As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This gives us an idea how we benefit from or are harmed by the kind of influence we place around us. 

The benefits to others when we  increase our ability to influence others

Decades of studies on work efficiency and success recognize the role of one’s ability to influence. When you are an influential and empowering leader, you are able to: 

  • Inspire people to work on an agreed goal
  • Make people take hold of your vision and they claim it as their own
  • Empower people to do more at work while increasing their feelings of responsibility for them
  • Increase people’s productivity. 
  • Create a working environment that is healthy for people’s social and mental wellbeing. 

The personal benefits of increasing our ability to influence others

  • Your efforts are likely to be recognized. 
  • You are closer to work promotions and salary raises for the effectiveness you lead in the workplace. 
  • You lead a team of people who like to collaborate. 
  • You develop your organizational intelligence, team dynamics, trust-building and network-building skills. 

How can you enhance the capacity to influence and empower others? 

Developing this skill requires us to assess and grow certain behaviors and attitudes, develop our opinions and most especially apply the principles in our choices. 

  • Start with establishing your credibility. In Stephen Covey’s book The Speed of Trust, he says that in order to build credibility, you must practice integrity,  develop the right motive or intent, gain capabilities and produce results. 

  • Engage with other people to develop connections.
Leadership and influence is not a solo journey. Other people have to be involved, so you grow in your influence and others are empowered. This starts with knowing what drives others by listening to and caring about them. 

  • Have shared goals, expectations and accountability.
Success in influencing others to work together requires that everyone involved know where they are, where they are going, and how they plan to get there. Well-defined goals, expectations and point persons who practice accountability are crucial. 

  • Influence through your passion and energy.
There should be fuel, a deeper reason that sparks energy in a leader who wants to influence and empower others. This deep passion creates excitement in the group and it energizes people who walk with the leader towards their goals. 

As developing leaders in our personal and professional life, we are becoming more aware that our actions, beliefs, behavior and choices exert positive influence in the world. If you are driven by values like kindness, growth, and health in all areas of life, live them as an example to others, and those who see what you do will be influenced by you. 

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The power of influence. How can I enhance my capacity to influence and empower others?
Brandon Resasco