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2024 Job hunting tips. How can you increase your chances of landing a job?


Imagine applying for 200 job openings, landing less than 10 interviews, and receiving 1 job offer, if you are lucky. Job seekers in the US share their job search experiences in the last 6 months of 2024, and many are saying that it is harder to find a job this year.  

This plight seems to resonate to many- entry level roles, associate roles, mid management roles, director level roles alike! 

What is the future of employment in 2024? 

Research has shown that the job market has finally gone back to near normal levels before the pandemic with the unemployment rate in the US at 3.7% at the beginning of the year. Despite these things, about 6.1 million Americans are unemployed and a majority of them are still searching for their next job opportunity. 

At the end of 2023, it was estimated that there are 9 million jobs available in the US. Some sectors experienced increased demands for more workers. However, employers collectively feel that they cannot easily fill job positions because there is a shortage of qualified applicants needed for the role. 

What are the most available jobs in 2024? 

Several industries have shown leaps in growth, and more employees are needed to work in these sectors: 

  • Health care (including mental health professionals) 
  • Construction and engineering
  • Real estate

Job hunting tips for 2024

With all these in mind, what would give you an edge over the many who apply for the same position? What would make you stand out? 

Combine the right skills, networking and your knowledge of job searching techniques to optimize your chances. 

  • Network all the time.
Applying on online job boards and recruitment sites used to be enough and easy, but nowadays when companies receive hundreds of online job applications for every job post, it has become challenging to make your application shine. 

How do you “get your foot in the door”? Connect with people who are in various companies that you are interested in. You may be given insider information about job openings. Also, continue to be in touch with professionals you have met before. Let them know that you are in the job market, so that when an opportunity comes along, you stay top of mind. 

  • Build credibility through your online presence.
Whether we like it or not, our personal lives are “an open book” through social media, and it is not uncommon for hiring teams to browse through social media channels to find candidates and even screen applicants. 

Either turn your channels into private if you are uncomfortable, or use your social media presence as an extension of your resume. When using online job profiles, leverage on technology to share your skills, experiences and professional goals. 

  • Be prepared, online and offline.
Tailor your interactions with companies by preparing. Start with a polished resume that fits exactly what the job is looking for. There is also a debate on resume patterns. With the use of digital tools to sift through hundreds of resumes, it is said to make your resume short ( some say a 1-page resume is ideal) and simple. Tailor your cover letter also to every company you send it to. 

Prepare for your online or offline interview. Search all you can about the company, and prepare how you would answer common interview questions using the result of your research about the company as your guide. 

How does your experience and skills fit with the role you are applying for? 

With the job market seeming to be undergoing recalibration because of new technology, and new demands for both tech skills and soft skills and for one’s ability to adapt and learn, it is to your best interest to grow in all these areas. Focusing on enhancing your skills while building your network makes you ahead of the pack. 

If you want to pursue a career in the medical field, go over hundreds of job listings for mental health professionals and health care related job opportunities across the US! 


2024 Job hunting tips. How can you increase your chances of landing a job?
Brandon Resasco