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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Gotham Enterprises different than other Executive Search & Recruitment Firms? #1

We focus only on the healthcare industry while many other firms work in a variety of industries. We have an extensive network and web of relationships with medical providers across all 50 states. We have databases of all licensed providers who we have access to. We focus on quality by only accepting a handful of new clients each month.


What is the difference between a retained Executive Search firm and a Contingency Executive Search Firm? #2

In two words, QUALITY and RESULTS.

Contingency firms work on a volume based business model and take dozens of new clients each month, but they only fill 10% of those new positions. Why? Because there is not enough time to put the necessary focus to find qualified candidates to fill positions especially with medical providers where there is a national shortage making it a very difficult task to accomplish. Many clients who hire contingency firms, hire as many as 5-10 contingency firms to work on one position. This may sound like a great idea to the client but quantity is not quality and most contingency firms can only afford to spend 10% of their time on your account.

Retained Executive Search firms focus on few clients each month ensuring quality sourced candidates and the position goes filled. Retained Executive Firms have the means to focus on difficult positions since they are paid on retainer. Difficult positions take a long time to fill and require a retained firm in order to fill the position. Retained firms can focus on quality candidates rather than presenting any candidate with a license to the client.


What is your guarantee and Refund Policy? #3

We offer a full refund in 90 days to you if we do not present qualified candidates to our client to interview. We offer (1) free replacement to our client if the new hire does not stay employed in your company for 6 months at no additional cost.