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What Strategies Can Help Me Overcome Fear and Step Outside of My Comfort Zone to Pursue my Dreams?


Each person has their own kind of comfort zone and it varies from time to time. Some people remain there because they feel comfort and security. But as humans, growing should be a never-ending endeavor.

There are things that we want to acquire and some of them are unattainable without going out of our comfort zone. Therefore, overcoming the fear of failing is a huge part of our growth and success.

I used to be so afraid of my mathematics teacher because she would call me during her discussions and I would not know the answer to the problem and this happened a lot of times. I labeled myself as a person who is dumb with mathematics. Because of this, I developed a fear of mathematics.

When I transferred to another school because of family reasons, I was able to overcome my fear of that subject and even aced our finals. Here are the strategies that I did in order to go out of my comfort zone and overcome the fear of math.

Recognize my weakness.

This is the first thing that I did. I accepted the fact that mathematics is my weakest link in school. I am good in all the other subjects except this. This led me to explore solutions for this problem of mine.

Face that weakness.

Small steps count, too. That effort counts as long as you choose to do it. We, humans, have a fight-or-flight response. In times like this, the best thing that you can do is fight for yourself, and that is through facing your problem.

In my case, just opening through my textbooks helped me a lot. I also learned that there is no need to get insecure about other people who are doing better than you. Seek help. Allow them to teach you. Remember that your competition is only yourself.


A lot of studies have proven the effectiveness of practice and how it retrains the brain so it becomes easier the more we do it. Geniuses weren't born through childbirth, they were born through consistent practice.

When I have free time, I constantly practice solving problems and repeatedly refresh myself with the formulas. With time, it became easier for me.

Failure is a Stepping Stone.

How you think and talk to yourself matters. Do not be afraid of discomfort and failure. If you really want to get out of your comfort zone, consider failing as your best friend because that will teach you the greatest lessons.

Have Fun.

Naturally, we are more inclined to do certain activities because they put us in a good mood. When you are trying to go out there and expand your comfort zone, do not forget to have fun.

Later on, mathematics became such a fun activity for me. Whenever I have problems, I would just solve problems because it gives me a rush of dopamine. 

No dream is high enough for anyone who is willing to improve themselves. The truth is your greatest enemy is just yourself. Go out there and take calculated risks. You deserve everything that the world can offer.

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