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How Midlevel Providers Bridge The Gap In Primary Care Across The Nation.

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Do our nurse practitioners and physician assistants play a huge role in our healthcare? There has been a lot of research that says yes, they definitely play a pivotal role. If you are someone who is considering having this career in the future or is just curious about their role when we practically have doctors, then this is for you.

Increased accessibility to quality healthcare

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are educated, properly trained, and licensed to provide quality healthcare. Physicians have a lot of workload and the presence of midlevel providers can help address the gap. They are more hands-on with the patients allowing a more appropriate treatment plan.

Enhanced local public health

Since these healthcare providers are more in touch with the patients, they have a clear picture of what is really going on in the community. This allows them to initiate proper healthcare mitigations and programs that can be really beneficial to the community.

Provide healthcare to vulnerable areas

There are not a lot of physicians and doctors in vulnerable areas and the presence of nurse practitioners and physician assistants really helps with that. The training of physician assistants is almost the same as the medical curriculum and this provides a handier relationship between the physician and physician assistant.

The first contact of evaluation

In rural areas, Physician assistants are the ones that can first evaluate the patients. This cuts down the wait time of patients in the hospital and office settings. A more personal relationship with the patients is more appropriate in rural clinics since it is a small community. This will allow a more tailored-fit prevention and treatment care for the patients.

The jobs of midlevel providers go beyond just giving immediate care to people who have diseases or injuries. They also play a role in health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, and patient education.

With the gap between patient and physician ratio getting higher and higher because of the growing older population and the prevalence of chronic diseases in relatively younger patients, midlevel providers bridge the gaps in the healthcare system across the nation.

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