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How to Make Long-Distance Love Work

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They say that love conquers all but long-distance relationships can really be challenging. But the good news is there are a lot of long-distance romantic relationships that work. Yes, there is a need for both of you to commit to working hard to make your relationship work long-distance. Here are high-yield tips that I have collected from couples that are in a strong LDR relationship.

Set Expectations for each other.

Our phones make communication easier and faster. You can still talk to each other in real-time even though you are miles apart. Talk about your expected time to update each other and establish some expectations.

Let each other know of your schedule.

Your schedules can be quite different so making an effort to know each other`s schedule will allow more room for understanding and love.

Value each other`s time.

When you have already scheduled a time together, commit to that. You need to make peace with the fact that there might be a time difference in your cities and your time together will be much more limited. So, respect each other`s time. If ever there are emergencies and you cannot make it on your scheduled virtual dates, then communicate it to your significant other as soon as possible and calmly.

Deep talks.

You can be talking to each other 24/7 yet you are still not connected to each other. Have deep talks so when you schedule a time to talk to each do not do anything else. Have quality time. Some people ranked that as their number one love language.


Send some care-package to your partner. You can also send your partner a stuffed toy that looks like you. Gifts can spice things up in your relationship. If you are a forgetful person, then put your anniversary and his/her birthday on your calendar. When you are miles apart, you have to compensate for the lack of physical touch in your relationship.

Have virtual dates.

Include this in your schedules just like dinner dates should be mandatory for couples. Have a meal together from time to time. This can maintain your connection with each other.

Be open to vulnerability.

Stress can take a lot from us and it can negatively turn our moods. Being open to what you really feel will help your partner be more understanding of you. Tell them your problem or the cause of your stress no matter how embarrassing it is. This shows that you trust your partner and he/she can appreciate that.

Introduce each other.

Infidelity could be one of your concerns in a long-distance relationship. When you are talking to each other through FaceTime and a coworker of yours happens to be nearby then introduce your partner. That helps reassure him/her that you are not hiding your relationship with your coworkers.

Never avoid fights.

You may be long distance for some reason. It could be because of your work and the emotional stress that you get from work may have taken a toll on yourself causing you to just be unavailable from your partner. In these times, being honest is the way to go. If you need to talk about something and you are not ready, then simply tell your partner that you`re tired because of work, and talking now will only hurt the two of you more.


When you are apart from each other, one of you is going to have doubts and it is the job of the other to constantly reassure the one who is having second thoughts and anxiety. Now more than ever, you need to be emotionally available for your partner. Sometimes, all we need is a few words of encouragement and assurance that everything will eventually work out.



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