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Is Trust a Struggle? Are Trust Issues Impacting Your Relationship?

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Having a partner that constantly distrusts us without apparent reason is pretty tiring. But know that a person acts the way he/she does for a reason. Even psychopaths act the way they do because their brain is structured in a different way.

There are three reasons why a person has trust issues.

Personal Insecurities

First, that person could have personal insecurities. That can lead to doubts, anxieties, and overthinking regardless of what is truly going on. Some people have a hard time moving past their insecurities which affects the way they act and their personalities.

Partner`s Action

When your partner has a history of cheating, then that can cause a little doubt in you. That is unavoidable. Your partner might be acting weird and it makes you suspicious.

Romantic History

Your partner might have been in a past relationship where she/he has been cheated on multiple times. That can destroy a person. Being cheated on will make you questions who you are and what are you lacking.

Trust issues can effect relationships negatively and it might even cause you two to break up. Here are the things that you can do to make your relationship work whether it is you who have trust issues, your partner, or both of you.


Every foundation of a good relationship is good communication between both of you. You need to be able to maintain that connection and spark between you and small talk does not count. You have to have deep talks so you can understand each other more.

Identify the Cause

You have an issue here that can break your relationship. Try to know the why and the problem so that you can provide the best solution. It is also in this part where you decide whether the relationship is worth fighting for.

Try to Fix the Trust Issue

When you know the cause, you can now try to tackle the issue more effectively.

Get Help

When dealing with this becomes too much for the both of you then it is time to get help. Try to attend a couple`s therapy. The professionals in this field are trained to handle your problems and their experience can help you out.

Having trust issues is normal. You do not have to condemn yourself for having one in your relationship. If you want this relationship to work, then it will work out. Do what you can for your part but never forget to love yourself.

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