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How To Recover from Emotional Abuse, Reclaim Your Power and Restore Self-Worth?


There is nothing more challenging than being in the worst state of mind because of emotional abuse. This kind of abuse does not leave any visible marks so if a person is suffering from one, it is hard to recognize. Due to this, emotional support is difficult to find. You will choose the person that you want to be vulnerable with.

Emotional abuse can happen in relationships, especially in romantic relationships, friendships, and professional relationships.

The standard definition of emotional abuse involves the use of words or actions to control, manipulate, and hurt a person. This type of abuse can manifest in different ways:

  1. Verbal Abuse

  2. Gaslighting

  3. Isolation

  4. Financial abuse

  5. Sexual abuse

If you are experiencing emotional abuse, here are some things that you can do to get out of that situation:

Acknowledge issue. If you are emotionally abused, you need to acknowledge that you are in this situation. Denying your problem or issue will not solve the problem.

Seek support. Your family and loved ones will be instrumental in helping you heal. Your journey will be difficult so having a close circle will help you out. Sometimes, a casual conversation with your friend can be beneficial for you.

Self-care. Do not forget to take care of yourself. Go to places you have never been before. If you are in a toxic working place where everything is just detrimental, then it is time to look for a new job where you can grow.

Develop coping skills. Seeking help from a mental healthcare professional will help you out in developing healthy coping mechanisms. Your emotions matter here. Handling them well will be instrumental in your healing.

Set boundaries. You deserve what you tolerate. Stand up for yourself. Confront your abuser but never forget your safety.

Focus on the Present. Do not let the past hold you back. Let your experience be a stepping stone instead of a hurdle.

Find things that make you happy. You might have hobbies that you had to let go because of practicality. Try to go back to them and find happiness and joy in the small things that you love. You do not need to be the best, you just have to do it.

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