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10 Effective Ways to Respond to Outrageous Behavior

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Five out of ten people might have an experience of dealing with outrageous behavior. Although
we don't like to confront problems like this, especially since we are already busy living in a
hectic world. However, this is unfortunately part of ae socializing that we need to deal.

10 Effective Ways to Respond to Outrageous Behavior

1. Diffuse the tension with a funny remark.

There is nothing more effective than using humor to ease a situation. If someone yelled at you,
tell them that they might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

2. Respond with kindness

Instead of putting gasoline on raging fire, be the water to extinguish it instead. When stuck in
the traffic and someone is honking nonstop at you from behind, remain calm and maybe
manage a smile at them. You never know what crap they were dealing with to make them that

3. Don't take it to the heart

No matter how personal their remarks are, never ever put it to the heart for your sake.
Otherwise, you'd be stressed and will eventually develop chronic diseases. They are only saying
that because of some deep-rooted emotions within.

4. Focus on the Issue

Instead of being angry at the already angry person, learn to deviate to the heart of the issue.
Tackle it together to ease the situation from escalating into a chaotic blend.

5. Remain calm at all costs. Otherwise, you won't be accomplishing anything when you too give
in to their behavior.

6. Don't give in.

No matter how riled up you are, never ever attack them with harsh words. But assert yourself
that you won't allow their bad behavior to continually torture you.

7. Describe their behavior

Tell them exactly how they are behaving. Are they being jerks? Rude? Openly declaring jealousy?
or being passive-aggressive?

You can tell them to stop embarrassing themselves by blabbering some foolish and
unintelligible words.

8. Set boundaries

By doing this, you are telling them that you won't be their outlet for their frustration whenever
they are having meltdowns.

You can tell them that if they want to have a civil conversation, they have to calm down first.

9. Help them help themselves

Solicit them a friendly advice to seek professional advice about their behavior. Research
suggests that anger outbursts or misbehavior to the extreme usually stem from unresolved
A person with anger issues had not been taught how to self-regulate when they were still young.
So, they are bringing the generational trauma with them, rubbing it off into the other people in
the form of misconduct.

10. Seek help

If they refuse to stop acting atrocious at you to the point that you feel threatened, involve the
authority. There is nothing more important than your safety, mental health, and overall wellbeing. 
10 Effective Ways to Respond to Outrageous Behavior
Carren Flores