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Home When Trust is Broken: How to Cope with Deception in a Relationship?

When Trust is Broken: How to Cope with Deception in a Relationship?

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When Trust is Broken: How to Cope with Deception in a Relationship?

Once trust is broken, it's going to take longer for it to be rebuilt again especially in a relationship.

Reconciliation might be possible but the aftermath of the deed is quite damaging mentally and
emotionally to the victim of deception or betrayal.

So is it still possible for a relationship to work out after the betrayal?

They say love is sweeter the second time around. However, for the second chance to be as sweet as
honey, there are things that you must do first for the relationship to flourish without the dark clouds of
the past looming around.

Here are 4 simple tips on how to cope with deception in a relationship

1. Give yourself sometime

After the deception, there'd be a lot of crying that's going to happen. Dealing with pain will be hard
since you'd be questioning a lot of things. Why did it happen to you? Are you not good enough? Or why
did they betray you?
Your self-esteem will be greatly affected, you'll be stressed and bombarded with thoughts. Allow
yourself to feel all that. Grieve all that. That way, you'd be able to fully heal from your past.

2. Accept that it is not your fault

If the confrontation falls into gaslighting and putting the blame on you, you better make it clear that it is
not your fault and you better believe it.
If you find yourself overthinking about their words and you start questioning whether their actions are
justified, take a step back and remind yourself that cheating is a choice and it is also by their choice to
betray you.

3. Find a solid support system

It is relieving to feel when there is someone who listens to our worries and problems. It is isolating and
overwhelming to face a challenge alone. However, having someone you can rely on and ask for advice

can make a difference. More than one head can come up with a better solution regarding your situation.
If you are stuck on what to do, don't hesitate to give a ring to your support system.

4. Heal

It is said that the trauma of infidelity heals from 2 to 5 years. So, don't be too hard on yourself when
you haven't fully forgiven them yet. There'd be countless circumstances that you'll find yourself
exhausted with too much thinking. This is normal. Accept it that you are still hurting despite that they
are trying to change for the better.

It will be wiser for both of you to seek marriage counsel together to get through the rough patch of your

5. Takeaway

Though it's going to be a challenge to make a relationship work whose foundation of trust collapsed, it is
never impossible to rebuild it again. Allow for some forgiveness to take place, for your peace and overall
well-being. Don't be afraid to love again the second time around.
When Trust is Broken: How to Cope with Deception in a Relationship?
Carren Flores