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Home How to find love on the country side: A guide to rural dating.

How to find love on the country side: A guide to rural dating.

If finding love in the city is challenging enough, wait till you hear from the folks in rural areas.

There are a number of choices for a prospective partner and some of them are born and bred
in the same place as you. Basically, you already know them from toddler years to adulthood!
While childhood sweethearts could work ( mostly romanticized in movies), in reality, they
sometimes just don't.

But fret not. Dating in rural areas may seem like an obstacle in Indiana Jones movies, but it is
not impossible to get through those courses. Let me take you on a ride!

Here are some guides to rural dating:

Guide #1:

Want to start now but you are on pj's?

Don't worry. Just grab your phone, make sure you have wonderful pictures of you in the gallery,
and then click on the dating sites!

You can peruse many potential candidates through the power of your fingertips! How fun is
that? Let the site pick the right person that matches your interests, favorite pastimes, food
preferences, or whatever personal details you put on the dating web page.

Oh, make sure to set filters on demographics as you don't want to be matched with a person
from the other side of the world with a different religion or ethnicity.

Will this work?

Well aside from its practicality since you don't have to leave the comfort of your living
room or bedroom, studies estimated that 60% of users had positive experiences the dating sites. In
2023 statistic, out of 42%, of users, 13% ended up in marriage on the platform.
That looks promising, right? Give it a go then!

Guide #2:

You don't prefer a virtual partner?

Fine. Matchmaking might be just right for you.

Accept the offer when a friend says that they have someone they want you to meet. With the
scarcity of the right person in a rural area's dating pool, this might be your chance.
So, jump on your best pants or dress to meet your possible forever love!
Could matchmaking be successful?

Yes, it could. After all, you have someone to vouch for your date. And you will be able to see in
person if both of you could be possible as a couple. Compared to dating sites, it is proven that
matchmaking through mutual friends stands more successful in finding love.

Guide #3:

Are you feeling more adventurous? Would you rather meet 'the one' spontaneously?

Well, you are in luck because finding love through this method could be possible.
You can visit a town pub where singletons could be hanging out or if you hate nightlife, you can
volunteer to the community.

Volunteering is a good way to meet new friends with the same interests. If you are lucky,
the person you are looking for might just be in the same club as you.
Learn about what clubs in your community are having volunteer work and don't hesitate to put
your name on the list of volunteers.


Whichever way you choose when it comes to finding love, make sure that they will make you
happy and whole. Choose someone who will complement you, share the same passion or
perspective in life, someone who would love you as you are.
How to find love on the country side: A guide to rural dating.
Carren Flores