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Home I JUST HAD 90 DAYS FIANCE. Here are my 5 takeaways from that experience.

I JUST HAD 90 DAYS FIANCE. Here are my 5 takeaways from that experience.

I JUST HAD 90 DAYS FIANCE. Here are my 5 takeaways from that experience.png
I JUST HAD 90 DAYS FIANCE. Here are my 5. takeaways from that experience.

As someone who has never been through the luxury of a 90-day fiancé, I don't have firsthand
experience regarding this. However, you can always learn from the experience of the others.
We could learn from a sheer number of couples in 90 Days Fiancé, an American
reality television series. Most especially it stretched forth into various seasons.

This series is a documentary that follows couples who only have 90 days to marry for the
fiancés or fiancées of US citizens to receive a K-1 visa.
In the show, I have my favorite couples, some scenes that I cringe and a few other
circumstances that I can't help but shake my head.

Here are some of my 5 takeaways from watching the experiences of other couples in the series:

1. A relationship founded in a lie is bound to crumble at the end. This is when a guy lies about
being a millionaire to a woman who wants to be taken care of with a lot of money. For her,
affection can be expressed through a diamond ring.
The woman ended up finding out about the lie and lashed out at the guy so hard and loud that 
I was embarrassed to watch.
The lesson here is don't lie to get what you want. Otherwise, you will end up
losing what you gain from it. And for that guy, in the form of shaming him to national TV that he
is a liar.

2. Cultural differences between couples can cause a rift not just between them but to the
families as Moroccan. Oh, don't get me started with that guy who wants his American girlfriend
to act like a Moroccan girl for a month! For me, that is a straight-up a**hole move. I mean if he
wants a hot Moroccan girl, he should have stayed in his land and married his kind!

3. Don't jump into marriage if you are unsure if you're in love. This is such a funny thing to
watch. The girl was asked if she loved the American guy. Guess what she answered? A big 'I'm
not sure' right into her boyfriend's face. Imagine the awkwardness around that table after she
said that. I'm even shaking my head at that.

4. Saving yourself before marriage is still a thing even nowadays. Kudos to that girl who stood
up for her right as woman a to save herself before marriage. Now this may seem to upset the
guy as his expression shows an apparent disappointment, but I heard some good news that
they are still together nowadays and already have a daughter.
So, be affront in telling your significant other that you are not ready for sexy time just yet. If
they love you, they will stay. Period.

5. Lastly, in-laws will always have a thing to say in a relationship. Whether they will favor it or
not, if the love between your significant other is strong, then there is really nothing to worry
about. It doesn't matter how different you are from each other, the most important thing to do
in interracial marriage is to compromise and respect each other.
I JUST HAD 90 DAYS FIANCE. Here are my 5 takeaways from that experience.
Carren Flores