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I don't want to give up art! What are the benefits of learning art?


Artist Pablo Picasso must have a deep understanding of the benefits of art when he said,  “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

In 2019, a review of 900 published studies summarized the benefits of art and the researchers found two main themes. Art can be used to prevent illnesses and promote health.

These are the main benefits of the arts. 

1. Arts affect social bonding as it encourages a sense of connection with others in a group, a sense of shared motivation and group identity. It is a way to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. It leads to enhanced concern for the community. 

2. Arts promote healthy living. Studies have shown that those engaged in arts tend to eat more healthily and tend to be more physically active, regardless of their socioeconomic status. They also perceive their mental health and well-being to be more positive. 

3. Arts have preventive effects on mental health struggles. A growing number of studies show that music, dancing, visual arts, and visiting museums are associated with lower stress and anxiety levels. Studies also show that engagement in the arts reduce the risk of developing mental illnesses in teenagers and adults. 

4. Arts alleviate the symptoms of mental illness. People with anxiety and depression experience reduced symptoms when they engage in singing, art-making, and writing. 

In fact, starting in the 1940s, art therapy has been a reliable adjunct treatment to improve mental health in patients with mental illnesses.

With these benefits, it is crucial for individuals to add elements of art appreciation and participation in their lives. 

What forms of art can you engage in? 

These forms of arts can be accessible and easy to start as a hobby. (3)  These include: 

  • Doodling or making scribbles
  • Coloring, watercolor, painting
  • Photography
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Dancing
  • Crafts
  • Jewelry making
  • Writing, journaling

Tips to get you started on learning and enjoying art

  • Use art as a way to let go of  or respond to life’s pressures. 

Studies have concluded that art is an effective way to heal and reduce stress. It is a way for us to express ourselves, including what we may struggle to express in words. When you feel inspired, use that feeling to create something. When there are a lot of negative feelings bottled up in you, let go of them or respond to them through your canvas, music, or painting. 

  • Use art to explore your creative side. 

The good thing about art as self-expression is that it does not have to be an analytical process, rather it can be a free-flowing and creative one. There is no need for you to create based on utility, but you can create based on your feelings and imagination. 

Engaging in the arts is a form of caring for yourself. Take one day at a time to explore different forms that you might enjoy and connect yourself with a community that appreciates and grows in creativity through art. 

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I don't want to give up art! What are the benefits of learning art?
Brandon Resasco