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How does commitment to customer service help build a company's strong foundation?


Author Jim Rohn summed up the major benefit of customer service when he said, “If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”

Customer service is defined as the overall support a company provides to customers from the time they buy a product or service until after they use it, making sure that their overall experience was easy and enjoyable. 

In the past, customer service was so special a quality that companies who offered great customer service were usually catapulted to fame. They were put under the spotlight,  gained a huge following, and became examples to other organizations. 

Nowadays, it’s a different story. Good customer service is an expectation for all companies and brands. It has become a non-negotiable for customers. In fact, a recent survey shows that 82% of company owners say customers’ expectations are higher nowadays compared to several years ago. Another survey says 69% of customers decide not to repurchase a product or a service after even one failed customer service experience with a company or brand.

Why should we commit to customer service? 

1. A company’s strong commitment to customer service is interwoven with our team’s delivery of customer service. It all starts with you developing a strong statement of commitment to customer service. Then you reinforce it from the top of company leadership up to your team who directly interacts with your clients. This builds excellence in customer service as a culture in the company rather than being just a fancy slogan. 

2. A consistent positive customer service experience converts customers into loyal clients and even ambassadors.
Serving clients right increases their trust in your company. They will feel cared for, and a bond between you will form. Even though there are sophisticated marketing strategies to connect with clients, surely, happy customers will refer you to their family and friends. You will benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. 

3. Committed customer service teams increase sales. It is a natural part of the sales process. The happier clients are, the more likely they are to avail of your products and services again and again. 

They are more open to trying out products/services they have never tried before because they know that you can be trusted to deliver well. In addition, more clients are willing to pay a higher price for excellent customer service. 

Making customer service rise from good to excellent

  • Establish an identity as a company or brand and train your staff to communicate this identity in their service to clients.
They should know their roles and how they can perform it with high standards. In addition, trained staff should have a strong knowledge base of the product/service you offer so that they can easily recommend solutions. 

  • Personalize the customer experience.
Part of excellence is listening to customer needs and preferences. Giving extra time catering to their individual choices makes them feel special. 

  • Be efficient.
People are in a rush and they want to get assistance. Develop a system where you can keep waiting time short. When replies to inquiries are prompt, the higher customer satisfaction becomes. 

Providing your staff with training on processes helps them make prompt customer service delivery. In addition, they are empowered by their smooth workflow. 

  • Always keep your word.
Trust is crucial. Promises that were made at the purchase of products/services must be kept at all costs. The more you become consistent at it, the more reliable you seem to clients. 

  • Develop leadership skills in managers.
One of the leadership skills important to customer service is being proactive. When managers take the initiative to offer assistance even before clients ask for them, it shows that your company is able to anticipate issues and even shows that you care a lot for clients. 

Hotel legend and business leader Horst Schulze reminds us of the importance of commitment to customer service in his statement when he said, “Keep reminding yourself of the vision. The moment you compromise the vision, you compromise the customer service.”

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How does commitment to customer service help build a company's strong foundation?
Brandon Resasco