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How can I level up my public speaking skills? Learning the art of public speaking.


You have found the joy and fulfillment of public speaking skills, and now you are wondering how you can further develop your skill as a public speaker. Or you are one of those who fear public speaking, but you want to conquer it and learn the skill. 

A survey about fears shows that the fear of public speaking is one of the top three fears in the US. It shows us that many of us struggle with it, and it has an impact on our lives. 

Uses of public speaking skills

  • Public speaking is considered a crucial skill for success at work. (Example: delivering a speech, participating in a panel discussion, speaking at meetings, conducting training, pitching your business, teaching a class) 
  • It is part of presentation skills and is useful at work. 
  • It is one criteria for work promotion in many jobs. 
  • It influences career decisions. According to surveys, public speaking is a skill that gives people either the confidence to take a job or it makes them refuse to apply for a job.

Learning the skill and art of public speaking

We can take inspiration from those whom we currently utilize as effective public speakers. They, too, once had stage fright. However, just like any skill, public speaking is governed by principles. Let’s take a look at them and find out how we can be better at it.

1. Perfect practice makes a great speaker. You speak to an audience for a variety of purposes. You may want to inform, persuade, entertain or motivate them. Regardless of the reason, when we practice the correct ways to deliver our message, we slowly overcome past negative experiences. It also increases our self-confidence.

In addition, during practice, you might want to rehearse what to do in case you make mistakes. Let’s face it. Mistakes are permissible. How do you move forward when you do? That’s more important. 

2. Aim for the audience to be inspired. The mindset you have about your speech makes a world of difference to its effect on your audience. Do you want to prove yourself to be a great public speaker or do you want to serve the audience? Hopefully, you want to connect with them so that they gain insight and understanding. They become motivated to change their perception or behavior to achieve goals. When you do that, you leave a lasting impact even after you leave the stage. 

How do you forge a connection between you and the audience? Know them in advance, and discover their needs. Relate your speech to their point of view. Use their language and include stories that they can link to their own lives. 

In addition, use different ways to communicate. According to research, public speaking is composed of a mixture between non-verbal cues(55%), vocal cues (38%), and words (7%.). This reminds us to make use of our gestures, tone of voice, posture to make our speech more effective. 

3. Consider taking on the service of a coach or mentor to help you with public speaking. An expert coach or mentor can teach you techniques that will help improve your message delivery, non verbal communication, vocals, etc. 

Your coach will be able to give you feedback. You might need to improve your speech to be more dynamic and engaging. Some people need coaching with their hand gestures to aid their speech rather than distract the audience. 

4. Improve your persuasion skills. Your message becomes effective when you are able to add credible evidence and logical reasoning. How do you paint a picture of the problem with your speech? How do you present possible solutions to them using powerful evidence? How do you present a clear and compelling call to action? 

You become an effective public speaker when you are able to connect with your audience and use your heart to inspire them to action. Apply these principles as you prepare for your next opportunity to speak in public and continue to improve your skills! 

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How can I level up my public speaking skills? Learning the art of public speaking.
Brandon Resasco