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Is it still possible to achieve inner peace and happiness in this busy and modern lifestyle?

Is it still possible to achieve inner peace and happiness in this busy and modern lifestyle.png

When a man named Paul during the rule of the Roman Empire said,”I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want,” was he referring to finding inner peace? 

Apathy vs Inner Peace

Nowadays, there seems to be a battle between finding inner peace and choosing apathy. Are they the same? What does inner peace even mean? And what does happiness in a busy world look like? 

We admire those who appear to be so peaceful and content. Inner peace and happiness are such desirable achievements in the modern world that societies, cultures and religious circles study and talk about what they are and how to find them. 

As the gap between how the rich and the poor becomes huge, and calamities, starvation, environmental destruction, and political turmoil abound, we have a tendency to brush the topics off our conversations, to dismiss them, in an effort to divert our eyes from negativity and only fix our eyes on the positive. 

Or sometimes, we feel scared to confront them, so apathy or indifference is the safer choice. Some say apathy can appear similar to being nonchalant or behaving calmly, suggesting that one is not interested or one does not care.

Meanwhile, studies of achieving inner peace through the years have created models where some techniques are recommended to achieve the feeling of calm quietness that is separate from the hustle and bustle of daily life, demands and pressures. 

According to the study of Floody in 2014, inner peace covers 4 interdependent parts

  • A higher power ( where we explain spirituality and our sense of purpose
  • Harmony inside our self ( our ability to manage our anger, self compassion and our ability to focus on the present) 
  • Positivity ( our perception of our overall happiness, healthy coping and emotions) 
  • Lifestyle ( covers our way of life, our beliefs about our health and healthy relationships)

Finding inner peace in a busy and modern culture

In a 2018 study of 900 people to discover how they define inner peace, researchers have compiled factors that influence inner peace. 

  • Trusting relationships. People believe that their social network and its quality affect their inner world. Peace comes as relationships become supportive, secure and healthy. 

  • Personal values. Holding values such as kindness, self-control, gentleness and responsibility seem to affect inner peace. 

  • Social values. Those who apply values towards others such as forgiveness, acceptance and assistance of others positively influence inner peace. 

  • Optimism. Those who look forward to a more positive future and having a realistic yet hopeful view of the future encourage a calm inner mind. 

  • Financial health. Achieving financial stability provides people with calmness of mind. 

  • Physical activity. Being able to move according to one’s abilities seems to promote peace on the inside. 

  • Nature. Spending quality time in the presence of nature contributes to calmness of mind.

Truthfully, there will be many times in life that aspect of our life will have disturbances and our expectations may not be met. We encounter feelings of disappointment, anger, or even apathy. There will also be moments of elation and success! 

The feeling of calmness can be achieved despite the ups and downs of life. The feeling of inner peace can be achieved with practice and with habits that encourage it. 

Some people integrate activities such as gardening, meditation, daily gratitude and relaxing exercises to provide such feeling. 

People all over the world agree that inner peace is essential to a “happy life” and collectively, society thinks it is still possible. As we live our daily life, let’s get into the habit of finding the things that bring us peace and happiness! 

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Is it still possible to achieve inner peace and happiness in this busy and modern lifestyle?
Brandon Resasco