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My Son Won't Get A Real Job. He Only Wants To Work Odd Jobs. What Can I Do To Convince Him To Get A Career?


Our children can be both our source of joy and disappointment. We want the best for them but we can be misinterpreted as a controlling freak when all we wanted to do is guide them in becoming the best of themselves. In these times, there are important things that you can do to help your son.

Communicate with your son.

Our children value their independence. Communicate to them like an adult. There might be an important reason why your son is acting the way he is. The job you find odd might be valuable to him. Whether it is with your son or partner, communication is a great key to improving your relationship. Communicating will lead you to discover his problems and you helping him out in solving those problems.

Your son might be clinically depressed.

If he is still living in your house and his behavior involves something that he doesn`t usually do and he starts acting weird then he might be depressed. This could be the reason why he prefers doing odd jobs because he has a problem concentrating and this is beyond your responsibility as a mother or father.

Get that help.

The best thing that you can do when you see those signs is get a therapist for your son. The most important thing that we can do is encourage him to attend those therapy sessions and join a support group.

If your son is just being a bummer, then these are the things that you can do:

Highlight the reasons why having a Career is important in life.

Have that ‘talk’ with him. Invite him for dinner. Talk to him like a friend and tell him the things that you did in order to have this comfortable life or the mistakes that you did before. Sometimes telling our children that we were once vulnerable will inspire them to do better and be better.

Having a career is a huge part of our lives. The workplace is where some people meet their partners. Our lifestyle can also be affected by the people we interact with for 7-9 hours a day. So, encourage him that having a regular and fulfilling job is a big deal.

Encourage him to explore other things.

Exposing ourselves to different things will help us find something that gives us a spark. We are all different in a way. Some people have a hard time finding something that they are passionate about. Some people know theirs when they are still young. A few people need a little push in some direction to find that spark.

Your son might be one of those people who needs a little push to get out of their comfort zone. Tell him to befriend other people from other circles or join other clubs. Putting ourselves out there will only lead us to know ourselves more.

If he is still living with you at the age of 18, here are additional things that you can do:

Inspire through Personal Experiences

Sharing your own life experiences can be a powerful way to motivate and inspire your son. Invite him for a heartfelt conversation over dinner, where you can recount the challenges and triumphs you encountered on your own journey. Demonstrate vulnerability and recount the mistakes you made, show him the importance of taking responsibility and making purposeful choices. Such stories can ignite a sense of determination and encourage him to strive for personal growth.

Seek Mentorship and Role Models

Sometimes, your son may benefit from guidance and inspiration beyond the family circle. Encourage him to seek out mentors or role models who have succeeded in their chosen careers. These people can provide valuable insights, advice, and encouragement based on their own experiences. Whether through networking events, professional organizations, or online communities, connecting with mentors can offer fresh perspectives and help him envision the possibilities that lie ahead.

Rather than resorting to drastic measures like eviction, it is far more effective to approach your son's career choices with understanding, compassion, and support. Help him find his own path to a fulfilling and meaningful career. Your guidance and belief in his potential will play a vital role in shaping his future success.


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