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Home My Ex-Girlfriend Left Me Because I Couldn't Have Children. Now She Wants To Get Back Together. Should I Take Her Back? How Can I Decide?

My Ex-Girlfriend Left Me Because I Couldn't Have Children. Now She Wants To Get Back Together. Should I Take Her Back? How Can I Decide?


Deciding to have children is one of the biggest decisions a couple faces in life. Some people dream of having a child of their own since they were young and some prefer to enjoy the rest of their lives childless. Your girlfriend may have dreamed of becoming a mother since she was 13 and knowing that she couldn`t have children of her own might have broken her heart resulting in her breaking up with you. Now that she wants you back in his life, here are a few things that you can do before arriving at a decision.

Talk it out.

I can`t stress this enough. Communication will bring out the best in you two. Invite her for dinner. Tell her that you need to straighten things out if she is 100% into this relationship. Here are some important questions that you should ask her:

  • Are you fine with having no children for the rest of our lives?

  • Why are you getting back with me?

  • Are you open to exploring other options to have a child?

An apology from her is also a must. She has broken up with you and I am sure you are hurt. When both of you have come to similar terms and she says yes to the first and third question then give your relationship a chance.

Also, think about the advantages of being childfree:

There is no need to save for a college fund.

Some couples prioritize the future of their children. Aside from their mortgage, they also want to save for their college fund. Getting accepted in an Ivy League school is hard enough, paying for tuition is another story. Being free from that responsibility will surely ease both of your financial worries.

Financial freedom is at hand.

Now it can be accessible for both of you to retire early since you will have no children. You can save up for your dream retirement. Being financially free will lessen the tension between the two of you.

You`ll be able to enjoy each other`s company.

This also means more vacations for the two of you. There is magic in a vacation bubble. Enjoying each other`s love in your dream destinations whether it is Paris or Hawaii, will strengthen your love for each other.

Explore your options.

Having a child is not limited to the natural conception process. There are now other viable options for you guys to have children of your own.

Adopt a child

There are a lot of babies that are abandoned by their parents. Get in touch with your local social worker if you guys are open to adopting a child.

Talk to your doctor.

Have both of your fertility get checked. Your doctor will suggest the best options for you. The doctor may suggest in-vitro fertilization and have your child conceived through surrogate pregnancy or intra-uterine insemination or get a sperm donor if your sperm is not viable.

Whether you`ll choose to have children or not, the most important thing is you let the love you have for each other strengthen your relationship. Choosing to explore your other options to have a child will shake your relationship in the worst way possible but it can be solved.

Communicate. Show your love. Be each other`s home.


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