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Home I Wanted Work Life Balance And Lost Out On A Promotion At My Job Because I Wouldn't Work Late Hours At The Office. How Can I Get A Job Promotion Without Working Long Hours?

I Wanted Work Life Balance And Lost Out On A Promotion At My Job Because I Wouldn't Work Late Hours At The Office. How Can I Get A Job Promotion Without Working Long Hours?


I do not know if the best response is to congratulate you or call you dumb. But it is definitely brave of you to choose to not work for late hours even though it may cause your promotion. Wanting to have a work-life balance is not a sin. The hustle culture is not for everyone.

I`m going to be straight with you here, a job is not meant to be comfortable until you are already there at the top unless of course if you are one of the few Hollywood stars or social media influencers, nowadays. But keep in mind that to get there, they also have to work hard and smart in order to get to that.

If you want a lavish lifestyle or just a work-life balance, you have to hustle hard first. I assume that you are in the corporate world. People there are hungry for recognition and success. If that is not for you then you have to find another field to work to. With that being said, I want to help you still.

Here are some things that you need to do to get that promotion without you getting burnt out.


What can you envision for yourself? What position do you want in the future? When are you going to retire? Is this company just a temp job? When are you planning to get married? How many kids do you want to have in the future? Do you plan to remain single all your life?

Questions, questions, questions. By answering the real questions, you`ll know how much effort you really have to make to achieve what you really want in life.

Smart work.

It`s pretty obvious from your question that you are smart. Just a reminder though, do your work in a smart way. When you do your work, make sure your boss knows it. Working in the shadows will not be appreciated.

Do not also let a coworker take credit for an idea or something that you have made. Overcome being a people-pleaser and speak up for yourself without hurting them. How you say things matter here.

Be the Best in your Work.  

Do you have quotas? Or is your work project-based? Whatever kind of work you do, make sure to do something beyond what is required of you and be consistent with it. I guarantee you your boss will not appreciate it. When he overlooks this, let him/her see your value.

Learn to Sell.

Whatever business you are in and whatever career you choose even though you know you are not in sales; you need to know how to market. In the corporate world, you need to know how to sell yourself. Here are some things that you can do to improve yourself in this aspect.


Having confidence cannot be taught but it is contagious. Surrounding yourself with highly efficient people that are confident in their selves will also make you confident. Choose your friends wisely.

The way you talk to yourself also matters. That builds up a lot of confidence in you. You need to believe yourself first before others will believe you.


Confidence and public speaking work hand in hand and it can be achieved through practice. Scientists on Ted talks are practically shouting about how important practice is. Geniuses aren`t born, their brains were developed and practiced when they were young. And it is not too late for you. With repetition, space, and motivation, you`ll be able to learn how to sell yourself.

The truth is there is no shortcut for success and if you want to get that promotion, you have to work hard first and if that entails working late hours, then do it. That will not last forever. Give it a few months and if your boss does not value what you have contributed then go out there, and find a company that will fit your needs perfectly. 

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