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Home My Girlfriend Is Addicted To Fillers. Now She Doesn't Look Like My Girlfriend Anymore. I Am No Longer Attracted To Her. Should I Feel Bad?

My Girlfriend Is Addicted To Fillers. Now She Doesn't Look Like My Girlfriend Anymore. I Am No Longer Attracted To Her. Should I Feel Bad?


Beauty standards get crazier and crazier by the years with the Kardashians taking the lead as the “It” girls. With the constant exposure of women with insane beauty standards, their confidence in themselves wane. Your girlfriend isn’t crazy for having fillers. 

Before you break up with her, these are some important things that you should do.  

Understand where your partner is coming from. 

Before you talk to her, evaluate yourself first. Remove any prejudice that you feel against woman who choose to surgically improve the way they look. This may be the reason why you are no longer attracted to your girlfriend.

Women are built different now. Having the ability to change your appearance through surgical operations is also a status symbol. Hiring exceptional plastic surgeons cost money. There are also tons of antibiotics that one must take after the operation.

After talking to yourself and you decide to continue this relationship, here are the things that you can do.


Further communicate to your partner. Ask her why she has been obsessed with fillers. Your partner may also have had an insecurity with her lips since she was young. Understanding why a person acts the way he or she does makes up healthier relationships.

You can also open up your feelings to her in a calm manner. Don`t talk to her in a condescending manner. She is your partner and not someone you can control. Telling her what you truly feel is doing both of you a favor.

Hype your girl up. 

Appreciate your partner and you need to say it through words. Your words of affirmation can help with her confidence and how she sees herself. Telling her every day that she looks beautiful is the least that you could do to her. Taking her to dinner regularly while both of you dress up has also shown to improve relationships.

Lip fillers are not permanent. 

Having lip fillers are a temporary thing. They disappear about 6 months to a year, over time. There might be a time where your girlfriend will no longer want those lip fillers so chill out, man. There are also micro lip fillers in the market. They are subtle and designed to just make your lips a little bit plumper to get rid of the dryness and the chapped lips.

If you are no longer attracted to her and you feel that staying in a relationship with her is a waste of time, then it’s time you break up with her. Being in a relationship takes a lot from you emotionally and financially. Prolonging the agony will only hurt the two of you further. 

Putting myself in your partner’s shoes, I suggest you keep that opinion to yourself when you break up with her. Just tell her you no longer see her as part of the future. She won’t be hurt but be mad as hell. She will tell you that you have no business minding how she presents herself. After all, an amicable break up is still better than a bad break up.

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