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What Do You Look For Most In A New Job Opportunity?


Looking for a new job can be pretty daunting when you just graduated or when you have been working for years in your previous company. I`m sure you stumbled upon this article because you want to get the best out of your new job. We`ll make it simple for you. Here are some things to consider before jumping on their offers.

What the Company Values

Do research. We are at our most technological time yet. Research the company`s values and I mean go beyond the company`s official website. Ask people on Reddit. Call acquaintances working in that place. You should know what you`re getting yourself into.

These are a lot of things that you should research. The working environment, how fast a person can be promoted, managers to avoid, how truthful they are with the benefits they offer, and how they value the time off of their employees. Knowing these things will surely help you decide.

Working Environment

The place we work at is important. May it be a rehabilitation center, a clinic, or a hospital, we need to know our workplace because knowing how much mental and physical strength we need to prepare to stay sane the whole day is vital. This is especially true in a healthcare setting.

My mother is a doctor and when she was in residency. She was on call all the time. When her beeper goes off, she would be scrambling back to the hospital, any time of the day, may it be in the middle of the night or Christmas eve. But now that she is a specialist and works at a clinic, she has more time to stay in the house and actually bond with us.


Knowing which state and city the job is located in before saying yes to a job is pretty obvious. But hear me out. When you already have the experience and the additional qualifications and another company offer you a nice lump of money in another state, don`t go for it yet. Make sure to let your previous employer know. Make them do a counteroffer.

This is where your negotiation skills come in because you have a dilemma at hand. It is either you go move across the country for a relatively bigger pay or stay with your family (if you have one) with the same salary you have as now. 

For some jobs, working remotely is also an option. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? I`m sure all of us have experienced working from home because of the pandemic. Working from home can have a lot of benefits for you. This includes saving time and gas used for transport and not having to deal with office drama. This means more time for your family or you having a work-life balance.


I`m sure when you get a job ad, this is what you look for first. I don`t blame you for that. For most people, our salary is where all our income comes from. That income pays our mortgage, our phone bills, and the list goes on.

Before saying yes to that offer or applying for that job, you must research how much other companies offer for the same position. Knowing that will let you know whether the offer is really something that you should get.

Working Hours

A 7-8 working hours for a day is a good offer. Anything beyond that can make you feel exhausted. You deserve to have a life outside your job. Unless that company offers you a great deal of money, never sign up for a job with working hours that lasts for 12 hours.

Additional Benefits

Some companies have crazy benefits. Some are offered an all-expense-paid trip to the country of their choice once every year. Some offer you a secured parking lot with your name on it. Having additional benefits really spices up the job offer.

With all of these things to be taken into consideration, I hope you`ll find a job that best fits your personality, your needs, and your wants.

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