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Home Dating for Months But No Commitments: Is He Leading Me On?

Dating for Months But No Commitments: Is He Leading Me On?

Dating for Months But No Commitments: Is He Leading Me On?

You hit the hundredth-day mark on dating each other. However, you began to wonder why he
wasn't taking the relationship further. You made sure that you are not playing hard to get and
even dropped some hints here and there that you are ready for a serious relationship. But why
isn't he committing to you?

There is no doubt that you judge him as a good guy that's why you fall for him. Nevertheless, a
the million-dollar question plagues your mind: Is he leading me on?

There are many ways to tell if the guy you are dating is not going to commit to you.
Here are my top 5 picks:

1. There is no label

Even a product in the market has one. Why does the thing between the two of you have none?
Clearly, this indicates that he has no plan to go further with you but won't want to lose you
anyway. So, he keeps you on a streak just in case he needs you as a backup plan or worse, a

2. You haven't met any of his 'pals'

It would be understandable if you haven't been introduced to his family yet but to be kept away
from meeting one of his friends is another story. That could mean two things: He is not ready or
you are not considered a potential girlfriend.

Take into consideration the amount of time you are spending together. If it is more than 3
months, it's a waving red flag, honey. Even a dating expert claims that a 3-month waiting period
is enough for a guy to introduce the girl he is seeing to his friends.

3. He ghost you

If you notice that it has become a consistent habit of his to not text or chat with you for one day
or two, or your messages were left seen with no replies, then this is another red flag to look out

A guy who is interested in you won't leave any of your messages unanswered. He will make a way
to let you know his answer from the other line. He will make it known if he's available to chat or
just busy with something to avoid offending or hurting you.

A guy who is only leading you on certainly won't prioritize your feelings over his interests.

4. The 'L' word hasn't been said

Many of us have various love languages. However, the primary indication that a person likes us
is through the word of affirmation. The 'L' word is what hooks us to be in a relationship with
others. Left unsaid, the dating could shift into a game of guessing whether his actions or
gestures are real or not.

5. You know so little about him

It's not because you haven't asked anything about him. It's just that around you, he just closes off.
He may even dismiss it with a reason that he wants to talk more about you than himself.

Communication is a two-way process. If you ask, it shall be answered and vice versa. If he
refuses to share about himself, consider this a trait of a person who is just leading you on.

If he can, he may use that information you gave him against you in the future. So, be careful
disclosing personal information to someone you are just casually dating.


A guy who is genuine towards you won't give you a reason to second guess his intention. He
might even be the first one to put a label on both of you and claim you as his girlfriend before
his friends or family. Communication is also present in the relationship which he'll take
advantage of to get to know you better and vice versa. He will not hesitate to use it to say the
'L' word too.
Dating for Months But No Commitments: Is He Leading Me On?
Carren Flores