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The Top 10 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You.

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The Top 10 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You.

1. Muster up your courage and say 'Hi' to him first. There is nothing more courageous than
initiating to greet somebody you like. As simple as 'good morning', or 'hello' can make a

2. Apply the 3-second rule: Make eye contact with your crush for two seconds and then smile
for the last second. Make sure to look away right after. Be cool and casual about your gestures.
Possess a friendly vibe while doing this so as not to creep them out.

3. Know their interest or hobbies. If your crush is into reading books, consider joining him in a
book club. That way, you'll be able to have a more natural interaction with him. Is your crush
more into sports and you're not sporty kind of sort? No problem. Be at his game and cheer him

4. Dress to impress but make sure it is your style. It will add confidence when you dress yourself
cutely without swaying from your own definition of fashion.

5. Laugh with him. No, I'm not saying to pretend to laugh at his lame jokes. You don't need to
actually. Because you can't help yourself but find him humorous. Most guys like women who
laugh at their jokes. This of course is proven by Science. So go ahead and show him your big
smiles whenever he cracks some funny stories.

6. Make sure you smell good. Wear a little perfume that is light and fresh. A poll conducted on
men resulted in a favorable response on women who wear perfumes. Go ahead and spray one
before you go out. But not too much though. Otherwise, you'd overwhelm their nostrils.

7. Surprise them. Not with gifts but with your abilities, talents, or prowess in intelligence. This is
rather an effective way of holding his attention to you and could leave a lasting impression.

8. If your crush is within your circle of friends, play around, be silly, flirt subtly, and make them
laugh (but don't try too hard though if you're not naturally comedic).

9. Be likable and agreeable but not docile that basically asks to be controlled. Be likable without
losing yourself.

10. Lastly, don't wait around for long and take charge. Confess your feelings. But do this when
you are certain that your feelings will be reciprocated. Learn the signs on how to tell if he likes
you or not. Even if you end up being rejected, don't lose your cool and stay friends with him.
The Top 10 Ways To Get Your Crush To Notice You.
Carren Flores