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Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

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Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Believe it or not, a long-distance relationship has more advantages than disadvantages. Though
couples separated geographically and practically live apart, there is an increased level of quality
in a relationship in this set-up.

Admittedly, the proverb " Absence can make the heart grow fonder " exhibits an overwhelming
sadness and the separation may even cause mild depression for missing being close together
for months. Despite that, a long-distance relationship could also result in deeper appreciation
for the partner, time spent is treasured, intimacy intensifies as well and a sense of
independence from each other develops.

Being in an LDR relationship is quite a challenge that anyone in this set-up can relate to. People
try to make the relationship work by constant communication. With the prevalence of internet
technologies, connecting with loved ones has never been easier. Before the emergence
of the internet, the medium of communication for LDR couples was either through written mail
or making landline calls.

The success rates of LDR nowadays are much higher than before when communication is slow
and would take weeks or months ( for penpals) and a little bit expensive through landline calls.
Nevertheless, don't be fooled by the promising advantages of our technologies today. Without
the due effort of both parties, the relationship could easily crumble. Now here are the
disadvantages part and how to combat them to make LDR work:

The Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding is the worst part of an LDR. It's getting ugly because one can easily shut
down the other by refusing to respond to a text (chat) or answer calls (video calls).
Communication might be the key to resolving any issues arising in the relationship. But until
both are ready to establish it, but nothing will be resolved.

About 40% of a couple in LDR has broken up due to unresolved issues with one another. If a
problem arises, it should be addressed after both heads are cooled off. It is okay to argue over
the phone. It is even better than to be sent on seen or voicemail.

The Distance

Distance means expensive. There was a story of a couple who had been in LDR while both were
in college. To see each other after 2 years of dating, they need to save up a lot.

Every penny they saved and every available part-time job they worked until the time came that
they met for the first time in 2 years. They were only together for three weeks before they had
to come back to their respective places and continue their studies.

Time spent together was great until the partition. They both feel awful, thinking of the distance
between them again. Despite this obvious challenge in the relationship, this couple maintains
their relationship through constant communication.

The Lack of Physical Intimacy

Intimacy in bed is one thing that could strengthen a relationship. In a long-distance relationship,
physical intimacy is almost impossible. 20% of LDR is not working out due to this. Because people
have their needs, they sometimes find it with other people they are not in a relationship
with. Cheating is a huge red flag in every relationship and this is prevalent, almost like a plague
that is affecting LDR the worst.

To prevent this from happening, shake the monotonous routine of showing your love with
words. I love you and I miss you are loosely overused and have no weight sometimes when said
daily. Nevertheless, when those words were incorporated with another method of
being intimate, it magnified its meaning.

Sexting and talking dirty on the phone have been widely used among LDR couples. Of course,
this method of keeping the relationship alive is not a secret. Be sexy. Be kinky. Don't be afraid
to be a little naughty. Heck, if your partner is up for a virtual roleplay, jump for it!

Here is a little reminder, even though you trust your partner with all the fiber of your being, be
careful in sharing your nudes, live videos, or any kinky stuff with them. You don't want to deal
with the repercussions of seeing your nudes online when the relationship goes haywire.

So can long-distance relationships work? Yes! So if you are in one, have open communication,
foster understanding rather than argue, love greatly, speak kindly, be intimate, and if able, see
others more often. Good luck and be part of the 60% successful rate of LDR working out.
Can Long Distance Relationships Work?
Carren Flores