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How To Start Dating Again As A Single Mom?

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How To Start Dating Again As A Single Mom?

Solo parenting is never an easy feat to do. Especially for the single moms who had to juggle so
many things just to get by daily. There are endless responsibilities for kids, on chores,
household bills, education, and the like. One should even be lucky to have time to pamper

Single moms are not created by choice but by misfortunes such as but not limited to divorce,
becoming widowed, or break-up. These should put a strain enough to discourage single moms
from trying to date again. However, as love is one unstoppable phenomenon, the heart will not
be denied to feel so when the right person comes.

Yes, you have kids and obligations as a mom. Nevertheless, you should not forget that you are
also a person who has desires and feelings that need to be met. The desire to feel
love and to be loved again. So, how to start dating again as a single mom?

Hop into these tips because it's time to start grooving into the dating pool again!

Treat Yourself First

Tense muscles? Go to the spa to get a massage.

Have a dry and fizzy hair? Treat yourself to a salon and get your nails done too.

Old clothes in the wardrobe? Go to Walmart and hunt for your style there. You don't have to
splurge. As a mom, I trust you know some places where you can buy clothes or dresses within
your budget.

Do everything you can to qualify for the pool again. As men are enticed by physical appearance
first, it is justified to impress them based on their initial instinct. If you feel good to yourself,
confidence shall then follow and there is nothing more alluring than
a self-assured woman.

Be Ready to Mingle

You can't date unless you are ready to mingle with the singles! No time to play hide and seek.
Be the seeker this time and you'll be surprised with hot daddies coming out of their caves. If
you have to make a milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard, do it!

Meet new people, most ideally, a friend of a friend who can vouch for your date, join
community activities, or even give you a chance in online dating. It is important to know
your demographic so as not to mislead the people who will click on your profile.

If you are of an age where technology is hard for you ( because a middle-aged woman is still a
hot momma you know), don't be afraid to ask for some help from your immediate family to
make some profile on dating sites. It's a lot cooler if you still hang out with your fellow friends
who have the same goal as you. Because trust me, it's going to be a fun hunting game.

Be Open

No. Not the legs. It's too early for that (though the date must be a success for you to do so). But
kidding aside, being open on the first date includes being transparent about your whole

Don't even try hiding about the fact of being a single mom. That's a pride that you should be
proud waving the flag for. Because, honestly, that is a hard hassle being a solo parent, sis. Any
guy would be lucky to date single moms because they are built differently. Strong. Responsible.
Beautiful. What can they ask for?

Also, you need to open up to your kids that you are dating some guy. For divorcees, wait at
least 4 months or a year before trying to date again. This way, you and the kids are already
adjusted from all the stress of the divorce or the battle of custody for the kids.

For a takeaway

Unless your date deems you worthy of you, don't let him stick his bones on you just yet. Feel
the waters first, get to know him not only on an intimate level but also financially ( you will
need someone equal to sustain the living expenses), and emotionally ( check if he ever has a
history of being abusive. Because you don't want to live with massive red flags in the house).
Nah ah.

Most importantly, love. If you feel like you have fallen in love again with the right person, at the
right time, and in the right place, don't hesitate to try again. Single moms in all walks of life
deserve to be happy and to feel young in love once again.
How To Start Dating Again As A Single Mom?
Carren Flores