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Is Dating Via Zoom A Thing?

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Is Dating Via Zoom A Thing?

With technological advancement, love, and dating have never been made easier...even at a
distance. Thanks to the Internet and many online meeting platforms, such as Skype, Facetime,
Viber, and even Zoom Meetings, connecting with a lot of people has become possible.

As virtual dating has become a trend nowadays, mostly for couples in a long-distance
relationship, it is no surprise that aside from using social media platforms, the use of online
meeting platforms like Zoom have been utilized as well.

Dating via Zoom is not just only a thing but it turns into part of the new normal in choosing a
partner as well. Traditionally, you'll be meeting people on a first date over dinner to assess their
characters if they suit your ideals or taste. In Zoom, the first date exists and an assessment can
be made within 40 minutes of conversation.

On the advantage side, as dating is more on getting to know a person first before committing to
a relationship, through virtual meetings, there is no need to go out and spend money. You just
have to sit in front of your computer ( or phone) and talk. You won't be stuck in traffic either!

With so many features being offered in Zoom meetings, couples can make their date nights fun
and exciting. Though a little caution, as Zoom is usually for business purposes, it has its
guidelines that must be followed. Sensitive content ( adult content, porno, or any other
activities which can cause sexual arousal) are highly prohibited. Accounts that violate the
guidelines shall be PERMANENTLY suspended. So hold your horses and do sexting some other
place (or platforms) instead.

Let's face it, first dates, in a traditional setting, can be filled with dead and awkward pauses. In
dating virtually you can be saved from being stuck in this situation. You don't like your date?
Just leave the meeting after a polite goodbye.

On the disadvantage side of dating via Zoom, there is no direct physical contact. If a couple
becomes invested with each other, the desire to get intimate will be stronger. But virtually,
physical intimacy is not possible.

If there's a misunderstanding, it will be difficult to resolve it if one refuses to communicate. 40%
of couples dating virtually ended up breaking up due to this.

Altogether, dating virtually (via Zoom) might be a trend. But it shouldn't replace the traditional
way of interacting with people as we are all human, designed to socialize in a real-world setting.
For a long-distance relationship, both should still plan to meet to keep the fire going.
Otherwise, the distance may slowly wane the love. Communicate openly whatever problems
may arise and learn to compromise for each other. 
Is Dating Via Zoom A Thing?
Carren Flores