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Mind Clearing Workout Routine

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Mind Clearing Workout Routine

By: Angelica Brown


            Fitness and taking the time to care for your physical health ties in with your overall wellness and mental health. When balancing all pillars of wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually there is an ability to clear your mind and reset yourself. That will allow you to start your day, finish your day, or take a well-needed break whenever you need to refresh and reset. Along with providing a well needed boost of serotonin and dopamine while performing exercises.

When stating your fitness routine, you need to find what works for you, your needs, and your goals. Although, it is necessary to have a balanced structure and ability to be mindful while working out. That will ensure you are focusing on your technique, form, and your mental state while exercising. Exercising is an amazing and effective tool to maintain mental and physical health. As well as being a positive and healthy escape from any stressors.


Warm Up:

  1. Meditate and stretch for 5-15 minutes
    1. Take the time to stretch what you need, any problem areas, and relax into stretches to ease pain and relax your mind.
    2. If you prefer yoga, this is a perfect time to implement any easy stretches. Such as upward and downward facing dog
  2. Begin adding in dynamic stretches for a few minutes before you start moving you whole body
    1. Adding dynamic stretches after the static and relaxing stretches you just did will allow for you to get your heart rate up and get moving
    2. These stretches are like arm swings to stretch the arms, squatting deep to open hips, or lunges for legs.

Work out-

  1. This is cardio time if you are only interested in cardio, or if you are wanting to build endurance from your workouts before weightlifting.
    1.  Cardio is an excellent time to read, meditate, or just focus on your breathing.
  1. If you are wanting to weight lift, this is an easy full body beginner workout:
  2. Three sets of ten repetitions-
    1. Bicep curls
    2. Squats with dumbbell
  • Chest press
  1. Leg curls
  1. One minute-
    1. Crunches
    2. Plank

Cool Down-

  1. If you prefer cardio after your workout this is a good time to do it and to meditate while doing it.
  2. If you do not want to do cardio, this is also a good time to cool down with stretches, as well.


Regardless of what you prefer to do for your workouts and what order, you can always listen to music to meditate, listen to affirmations, read, or just focus on your form to put you in a meditative state. Do what works best for you, take time for your well-being and overall wellness, and do not feel bad for your abilities at the gym. You are at your own pace, gradually improving, and doing what is needed for your mental health.