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How Telehealth Has Changed Healthcare?

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The pandemic has enforced people to go out of their comfort zones and do something out of the ordinary. One of the things born out of the pandemic is Telehealth. Now, there is no need to go to the next town for a pimple outbreak that you are experiencing. A video chat through Zoom, Google Meet, or even Messenger makes this possible.

Telehealth provides a more convenient way of accessing medical attention. You will be able to save time and money because of its accessibility. However, it also poses a challenge for the elderly so it still has limitations. Below are some of the benefits and limitations of the telehealth system.


Follow up Consultations

            This is both convenient for the physician and the patient. Going back to your doctor after your first consultation for the lab results is such a hassle. Through video chat, you can just know your treatment plan and your prescription. You don`t have to take time off from work. That is going to save you money, time, and just energy for the day.

Cosmetic Surgeon Consult

            The first consultation to a cosmetic surgeon can be long. It can take up to 3 hours for some. For a face surgery, the doctor will have to examine your face and think about the ratios and depending on what surgery you want, it may take long because your doctor will have to explain how the surgery goes and the risks of having one. An online consultation gives you time and it also save you the anxiety especially if this is your time going to this kind of clinic.

Mental Health Aid

            Yes, the pandemic has been one of the main reasons why Telehealth was born. We had to do it to minimize contact with each other but for a lot of people, it has taken a toll on their mental health. People have lost their jobs, have been quarantined, and some have been domestically abused. This shift has contributed negatively to the mental health of many people.

            This is where Telehealth comes in. Psychologists and therapists have realized that emotional connection to patients is still possible online. In such a bleak time in our lives, talking to a therapist is really a must and Telehealth provided that avenue.

Physician to Physician Contact

            When we go to our family doctor, we get referred to another specialist sometimes because whatever we have is something that only a specialist can diagnose or treat. Take for example, we have an itch that won`t go away even after all the antibiotics that you took so your doctor recommends you to go to a dermatologist that he/she knows. More often than not, you have to drive to another town for that consultation but now, you can just email your lab results and send pictures to that dermatologist.

            This physician to physician contact make it a smoother process for your treatment because your doctors can communicate with each other conveniently. The former can inform the specialist of your previous treatment and your family history. You don`t have to waste your time answering those questions.

Health Apps

            This is a great way to track how your body is really doing at the moment. Having a digital watch is the trend now, for a great reason. Some people have experienced having a heart attack while on a jog and one of their family members get notified. And that have saved their lives.

            Health applications is also a great way to track our illness history. Usually, when we start a cough and the doctor asks us when we have experience it first, we can only give a vague answer. The applications allow us to monitor and record our health conditions conveniently.


            There are also some limitations to the Telehealth system. This includes and are not limited to doctors not being able to do a physical exam. There are some diseases that will really require us to go to a hospital or a clinic. Telehealth cannot substitute that. Additionally, some insurance companies have not expanded to Telehealth services yet so that is going to cost us money. And lastly, it can be hard for the elderly to have access to Telehealth without assistance to technological means.

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