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I Love My Job And My Patients But I Hate My Boss. What Should I Do? Should I Stay?


Hey! You are not the only one who hates your boss. I do, too. I`m kidding! But most people share the same sentiments as you. You are not alone for feeling that way and you are certainly not the last person to hate your boss so don`t feel too guilty for feeling that way.

Our bosses can be a bit too harsh especially if we make mistakes. Some leaders will put you in uncomfortable positions such as scolding you in front of a lot of your coworkers, transferring you to another department that is completely out of your line of expertise, or calling you in ungodly hours.

In healthcare, where your every move can literally take someone`s life, supervisors and chiefs can be pretty strict especially when you are still in training. You would feel like an impostor wearing scrubs underneath a white coat. But know that people around us act for some reason. It`s important to dig deep into ourselves and the possible reasons why your boss acts the way he/she does.


Finding Out Why

            There is always a reason why we hate someone. Sure, there are rare occasions where a person rubs us off in a wrong way but for you to hate your boss whom you constantly work with, there must be a good reason.

            Fired someone without good reason. He might have fired someone without a good reason and that has gotten on your nerve. That might also open up the possibility that you might be fired, too, without warnings or fault on your side. Know that you are only in charge of what you can control. Just do your job well.

            Treats you like trash. Whether he or she single-handedly treats you like crap or the whole bunch of you, no one deserves that kind of treatment. Some supervisors do that because you might have done something to disrespect them. In hospitals, head nurses can hold a certain power over doctors. Doctors who do not respect the nurses find themselves paged every time there is a “gross” patient—vomiting all over the place, having diarrhea, or patients who are in need of penile injections so treat others with respect whatever their job is.

            Having favorites. As humans, we have emotions, and having favorites is a normal thing. But if your boss gives special treatment to their favorite then I understand if that pisses you off.

            Let someone do his/her job. Your workload is hard as it is and your boss dumping them to the rest of the team can really make you hate your boss.

            Takes credit for other's ideas or work. You have worked hard on this research. You have fought for investors. You worked night and day just to make your research work and then someone sweeps in to take all the credit. I`ll be pissed off, too.

            Hating your boss for any of these reasons is valid. Having a toxic environment at your work can be pretty draining even if you love your job.


What you can do


            Talk to your boss. Give him a chance. His work personality might be different when you also have a relationship outside work.

Be open to Feedback

            Talk to your colleagues. You might have done something to piss off your boss that you are completely unaware of. You might have been late for your first day at work or talked behind your boss's back, and heard of it. There can be various reasons but the important thing is what you can do about it. Make up for it and be accountable.

Focus on your Job

            This is what you love. You have sacrificed your 20s and have a pile of student loans just to get her with your patients. Remember that not everyone is in an industry that they like. People will do everything just to get where you are so maintain a grateful heart. Remember that every day.

Better Opportunities

            Despite your best efforts, if the environment is still toxic enough that it becomes apparent that you can`t do anything to improve the situation, it is time to look for better opportunities. You are not running away, you have actually faced the problem and you are now ready to move on. You don`t deserve anything less.

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