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What is the "soft life era" and why are more and more GenZs getting into it?


You may have seen many videos of it on Tiktok, or read it in the news- the rise of the “soft life” trend that is mostly popularized by GenZ and young millennial women.  

Living a soft life is centered on living an unbusy and peaceful  life, filled with self-care regimen. It is in stark contrast with the hustle culture of the 2000s, where being a girl boss was glorified. 

Since its popularity, many young people are aspiring to live a comfortable and convenient life,  free from the high level stress usually found in the culture of previous generations. 

What led to a shift towards desiring the soft life among younger generations? 

  1. The influence of social media and technology. Videos of #softlifeera might show you young people in athletic yet also comfortable attire, lots of going to neighborhood coffee shops and lattes, and slow morning routines. 

Videos of soft life proponents often clock in millions of views on social media channels, and yet some question whether living this kind of lifestyle is inclusive or a privilege. 

Social media might influence us to strive for lifestyles that are often unreachable or unrealistic. We may not see that these people who have chosen to veer away from the stress and embrace an unburdened lifestyle are those who have accumulated wealth or have access to it, enabling them to live a soft life. 

  1. An overwhelmed and exhausted generation. After Generation Zs, people born  between 1997 and 2012, came out of the pandemic, relieved but overwhelmed. Their crucial growing up years were spent at home, and when they finally were ready to join the workforce, the world economy was still recovering from financial crises, and mass layoffs were happening left and right. Getting into the job market has become increasingly difficult, and cost of living has gotten increasingly challenging. It was like being tired even before getting started. A lot of young people are questioning if living in this kind of environment is worth all the stress and struggle. 

  1. The fear of failing and society’s pressure to be successful at a certain age. In today’s success-driven society, a lot of young people feel pressured to become as successful or surpass the older generations in reaching success milestones like getting married, buying a house and car, starting a family, etc. As young people feel that these things are becoming out of reach for them because of societal and economic factors, many choose a more comfortable life, away from the obligations, expectation and challenges. 

Incorporating elements of a soft life to improve our mental wellbeing

  1. Be financially ready for the future. Find ways to still be able to create income for yourself. Being financially challenged and dependent on others in the future might increase the risk of experiencing financial abuse, so protecting yourself by being ready for your financial needs is crucial. 

  1. Slowly shift to more work-life balance. Fatigue comes from long hours building a career without so much pauses, breaks and enjoyment mixed into it. When we are burnt out, when we don’t get to develop the other aspects of our life like our relationships, we are more prone to giving up. Assess your current schedule and incorporate days off to relax, and even have a vacation once in a while. 

  1. Work on emotional health. When we are too overwhelmed with anxiety or stress, we choose to distract ourselves to the point where our quality of life is affected. A little dose of challenge in life is necessary for us to build our endurance, character and our hope, but learn healthier ways of coping and stress management. When we are healthier emotionally, we have more room for happiness. 

  1. Set your expectations and boundaries. Get to know your personal intentions, passions, and what you really want in life. The clearer your vision for your life is, you get to set boundaries around the things important to you. You are able to say YES to things that refresh and lead you to your goals, and say NO to unnecessary stress-inducing situations and relationships.

Living the life that you want takes a lot of intentionality. When you give yourself a chance to know yourself, and empower yourself through self-care measures, you get to build a foundation of health and wellbeing for your life. 

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What is the "soft life era" and why are more and more GenZs getting into it?
Brandon Resasco