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Want to hire the best talents? Know the top recruiting trends of 2024.


Attracting and successfully hiring qualified candidates for available company roles is a cornerstone skill in a successful company. Being able to meet and then work with talented teams will both save your company resources and help you reach company goals. 

So what are hiring strategies that work in 2024? These strategies help your recruiters identify, recruit and orient teams to work for the company. 

A company’s recruitment strategy 

Every company develops its own plan on how to recruit top talents. Short term plans include immediately hiring for available jobs, and long term plans include forming relationships with talents through community engagement. 

Recruitment strategies have evolved over the years, and the most effective ones are usually a combination of the tried and tested methods along with new hiring trends in 2024. 

Effective recruitment practices 

  • Investing in hiring tools.
In order for the current hiring processes to run smoothly, recruiters need tools for the different steps in the hiring process. These tools can assist them in posting job openings, identifying top talents, scheduling candidates for interview and onboarding. 

What tools does your company need to prioritize? They can include:

  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Screening tools
  • Skills assessment tools
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Onboarding tools

For example, in a survey by a job site, 82% of companies already use video conferencing tools to conduct applicant interviews and almost a 100% of them want to continue using them. (1) 

  • Let your company culture shine through your social media pages and website.
A recruitment strategy that takes a longer time to develop but has big returns is optimizing your pages. The truth is that many top talents consider company culture as a make-or-break factor in their employment decisions. 

What better way can a company communicate their culture than through social media. Factors like being inclusive, opportunities to work remotely, offering levels of work independence, and other perks showcase what the company’s culture is like. By sharing job availability in your social media, you can reach a wider audience too!

In addition, when your website is optimized, you increase the time top candidates engage with it. They can use it to look at open roles, read and share content and even get acquainted with your company information. 

  • Give value to the audience through content.
This is also a long-term strategy, but it can build your company’s brand and increase your value to top talents. Content creation that shows what your company offers, what it values, and what it stands for can be in the form of videos, blogs and podcasts. 

  • Utilize the power of job boards.
Popular job boards have dominated the job searching market for a long time, but nowadays, there has been a rise in the use of job boards that serve a specific niche. For example, mental health and healthcare professionals can utilize a job board that offers career opportunities in the medical field. Job boards not only give you a chance to connect with a wider audience, but it can narrow down your search to the top talents you need. 

When using job boards or posting job openings online, the HR team has to develop the skill of writing effective job posts and job descriptions. Aside from including the roles and responsibilities of the job, it is crucial to add the list of benefits the talent can enjoy when working there.

In summary, your recruitment strategy will ultimately depend on your current needs and the vision you have for your company’s future. You can develop the most effective strategy as you continuously evaluate and improve your hiring practices. 

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Want to hire the best talents? Know the top recruiting trends of 2024.
Brandon Resasco