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What does it take to get ahead in life? I feel like it's time for personal growth!


Success stories are all around us. In every generation, in every nation, there are people whose names we may or may not know who discover the path to their personal success. In turn, when we hear about them, we also ask, "What do I need to also get ahead in life?” 

Statesman Winston Churchill gave us a golden nugget when he said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Of course, success or getting ahead in life has different meanings to many people, but the general idea of success often relates to money, material belongings, relationships and happiness. People all over the globe dream of a better life. 

But how do we get there? Observations of successful and happy people seem to point to their acquisition of certain traits and skills that catapulted them to their personal growth and success. 

Becoming financially savvy 

Financially successful people envision a financial future and dogged determination and focus towards their financial goals. 

They are people who have self-control over their impulses and practice delayed gratification, making their success not an overnight one, but a game of long-term hard work. 

1. Work with integrity. At the core of long-term  financial success is honesty. In contrast, the use of deception may work in the beginning, but often would be found out and crash the success that was built upon it. On the other hand, gains through honest work might seem slow at first, but it will not cause you to fall from grace later on. 

2. Become a master at what you do. There are so many good things in life to choose to do! Take time trying out many things until you find something that speaks to you, excites you, challenges you or is important to you. Author Malcom Gladwell in his book the 10,000-hour rule proposed that in order for you to become a master at something, you have to spend thousands of hours into it, and experience personal growth. 

3. Get good at the art of communication. In whatever field you choose to spend your time on and grow your talents, effective communication is in its foundation. Grow your ability to pitch your ideas, build arguments, and solve problems. It might not look directly connected to financial success, but the impact of communication to our finances is both seen short-term and long-term. 

Apply wisdom in managing your finances. 

These tips might sound too simple, but they are actually superpowers when you apply them faithfully in your financial life. 

1. Spend less than you make. More and more people are drowning in accumulating debt that getting ahead in life has become much more difficult. Assess your spending habits and control your own habits. When you are able to make more, you get to save and tell your money where to go. 

2. Add value to your service.
What can you offer that makes your product or service valuable to people that you serve? The truth is money follows value. The more value-adding your product or service is, the more you attract in the long run. Do what it takes to learn, upskill and offer value to the world. 

Develop your character

Imagine your favorite movie, book character and you will notice that their inner person does not remain fixed. There is progression in their character that makes them more and more compelling!

Those who choose not to remain static are those who will experience personal growth.

  • Who do you want to be? 
  • How can you take control of your story? 
  • What challenges can develop your character? 
  • What ending do you want your story to have? 

Getting ahead in life is a combination of the skills you develop to make you financially successful and the traits you acquire as you overcome life challenges. The person you are when you start your personal growth will not be the same person at the end of the journey, but it will be the kind of person you will be proud of! 

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What does it take to get ahead in life? I feel like it's time for personal growth!
Brandon Resasco