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What makes a great decision-maker great? 5 habits that drive successful decision-making.


Why is the skill of making decisions a coveted skill to master? One thing that comes to mind is that the quality of our decisions determines where we go in life. Revolutionary and general Napoleon Bonaparte echoes this when he said, “Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”

We make decisions on a daily basis. We make big and small decisions that influence our life and that of others. Especially when we are aiming to pursue dreams and goals in life, whatever they are, effective decision-making is one of the most important skills we can develop. 

It is also encouraging to know that everyone can grow in their decision-making skills!

Habits of effective decision-makers

1. Effective decision-makers understand and use the power of building habits. 

We start off strong with this one. Without building habits that align with our goals, the day can overpower us, and we are surprised it’s already nighttime, the day has passed, and our plan was not executed. 

What separates great decision-makers from those who are just starting is their strategy. These decision-makers incorporate their desired actions into their routines, so that they don’t have to spend so much energy again and again in making the decisions. They can focus their energy on more important matters instead. 

When our energy is depleted within the day, activities that are not hard-wired into our routine gets forgotten, or deprioritized. So if you want to become a more effective decision-maker, look into the small behaviors that you want to turn into habits.

2.  Effective decision-makers set deadlines. 

When we perceive decisions might be difficult or the details surrounding it are overwhelming, there is a chance we procrastinate. We usually move making the decision to another day. Although taking the time to put yourself in a more relaxed and calm headspace before deciding has its benefits, you can set a deadline when to make the decision. 

What makes you more confident in making a decision? Do you have to do a quick run or a meditation session? Do that and then come back to what you aim to do. (2) 

3. Be your own compassionate and wise coach. 

Sometimes it is difficult to be kind to ourselves. Some people feel more confident in coaching and advising others, but struggle to do it to themselves. If this is you, pretend that this decision is for someone else, and you are their compassionate and wise coach or adviser. You can ask yourself, “What would I say to someone else in this situation?”

This allows you to elevate your viewpoint and make a decision that is well-rounded and kind to you and others around you. 

4. Strive to be more resilient than perfect. 

Quality decision-making reaches an effective state when you have practiced a lot. And probably when you have made not-so-good decisions in the past. The goal here is to make you desire resilience rather than perfection. 

You make decisions based on the facts that you have gathered to the best of your ability, but these facts won’t always be 100% complete. You decide based on the amount of light you have at the moment. So, take informed risks, and increase your tolerance for mistakes. 

What decision are you facing right now? How can you use the above-mentioned habits? What made your past decisions effective and others not very much so? Good luck on your decision-making journey. Be the best decision-maker you can be! 

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What makes a great decision-maker great? 5 habits that drive successful decision-making.
Brandon Resasco